Concrete Countertop Manufacturer in
Dallas-Fort Worth

Concrete in Disguise, LLC is a precast concrete countertop manufacturer specializing in custom decorative concrete countertops for residential and commercial applications.

We work with builders, architects, interior designers and homeowners to design beautiful and functional countertops that become works of art — works of art that you can use in your home every day.

Each piece is designed to be a part of your home’s aesthetic, both beautiful and original, but they’re also well-manufactured structures that will last in your home for years — our concrete countertops offer superior strength and less maintenance than competing materials, making your life easier.

A Concrete Countertop Manufacturer That Specializes in Handmade, Custom Products


Concrete countertops, also known as cement countertops, are a handmade product made by skilled craftsmen and as such require lead time to produce.

Each custom project is a unique work of art, and as such, these exclusive concrete countertops are comparable in price to other custom, top-quality materials.

Whether it’s a new or remodeled kitchen, bath, fireplace or outdoor project, we can help you create a distinctive design that you’ll treasure for years to come.

Our customers love showing off their unique pieces to their friends and neighbors — they often tell us that they’re so glad they chose something special, rather than simply purchasing the same materials that everyone else has and conforming to the rest of the neighborhood.

What other concrete countertop manufacturer can do that?

Concrete — A Unique, Versatile Material to Complement Your Home’s Aesthetic

Because of concrete’s unique manufacturing process, almost any shape, color, style, or use is possible — unlike marble or other materials, which often only have very specific uses.

If you have a unique problem in your home, concrete may be the only viable solution.


We specialize in creating custom solutions that go far beyond your average concrete countertop — tell us what you need, and we’ll do our best to make it happen.

The process begins with a free consultation.

Get Your Free Consultation Today

During your consultation, we listen carefully to what your needs and desires for your home.

We seek to understand your personality, the function you need your custom piece to perform, and your ideas on how it will fit into your home’s aesthetic.

We come to you, take initial measurements, discuss colors, finish options, integral sinks for your countertop, and answer every question you may have.

During this time, if you have unique problems in your home that you need a solution to, we’re happy to take a look to see if we can help.

Within 24 hours we email you a detailed quote.

If you choose to proceed, we come back to take detailed measurements, create a template, and provide you with an estimate of when your piece will be complete.

Once the countertops are ready for install, we will schedule a time that’s convenient for you.

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