Custom Marbled Concrete Countertops

These countertops for this rooftop outdoor kitchen are the very first of our true Marbled Concrete line.

In the years prior, we had experimented with marble type designs in our concrete. We had some success, however it was still far from a true marble look. In June of 2019 we had a pool builder come to us with job where he needed us to construct the countertops. He provided us with a picutre of a marble slab and asked if we could get close to it. We went straight to work creating samples, and soon we would have created one of our most popular color options.

Our Marbled Concrete can be made in several variations of color. We also work with our clients on how much veining they would like. This job is our standard White Marbled Concrete with heavy variation.

This job in perticular was located on the 24th floor of a highrise condo building in Downtown Dallas, Tx. The unfortunate part was that the service elevator only brought you up to the 23rd floor. That meant we would have to carry these large countertops up 1 flight of stairs, and being 2 inches thick, that was no small feat. Luckily we have plenty of experinece carrying large pieces of concrete almost anywhere including up stairs. The job was completed and the end result speaks for itself!


Project Type:

Marbled Concrete Countertops


Large outdoor kitchen that was located on the 24th floor of a highrise condo.

Skills we brought to the job:

  • The ability to innovate and create a new line of concrete countertops
  • Listening to what the client wants, and bring it to fruition.
  • The ability to overcome physical obsticals such as carrying heavy concrete tops upstairs.