Wood Look Concrete Countertops For Outdoor Kitchens

This job came to me through Justin McMillin of Richardson Residential. I do a lot of work with Justin and he sent his clients to me to discuss countertops for a new outdoor living space he was building for them. Vic and Cheri came out and met with our Justin (Justin Sorensen, Operations Manager for CID) to discuss color options. Cheri was looking for something unique and different. She wanted guest to say, “I’ve never seen anything like this before”. She found some samples in our shop that she kind of liked and Justin used those as a starting point to come up with something that would WOW her. We went through several iterations and just weren’t getting what she wanted.

Then Justin showed them something new we were working on for another client and the WOW happened. It was our new wood look concrete countertops. Suddenly there was excitement and talk of changing the floor and…  I looked over at Vic and he had this look of holy crap what just happened. When they left that day, they were heading to the flooring place to change the floors. I guess it worked out since Vic still likes us.

A few weeks later and they’re ready for us to come out and template for the countertops. We talk through how we’ll lay it out and come up with some cool ideas on the transition area of the L portion of the countertop and a column surround. One big advantage of the wood look countertops is its ability to hide seams. This really worked in our favor for the column surround, where even though it’s a relatively small piece it must be made in two sections.

Skip forward a couple of weeks and we’re back installing the countertops. They look great and the install is going smoothly. Vic is there, but Cheri is at work. Several contractors are there along with a city inspector and we’re getting the exact reaction from everyone that Cheri wants. They’re saying what is that, how’d you do that, can I get your card and at that moment I know we nailed it. Cheri is going to love it. That night I get a text from Cheri saying she loves the countertop and they came out exactly how she expected, except… better. And to show that Vic still likes us, he posted on our Facebook, “Steve, Justin and the rest of the crew could not have been easier to work with. Thanks for everything”.

Project Type:

Outdoor Kitchen with wood look countertops.


Client wanted to do something truly unique for her outdoor kitchen. We had gone through several iterations of sample coloring, but just weren’t getting the right look. Then she saw our new wood look concrete countertops and everything changed.

Skills we brought to the job:

  • Perseverance – We made a lot of samples for this job, but we were determined to find the look that made the client happy.
  • Were committed to taking care of our clients and our partners clients. That’s why a lot of the contractors we work with are comfortable sending their client directly to us. They know we’ll treat them with care and respect regardless of who is writing the check.