Custom Concrete Tables

This job was a collaboration we did with a local furniture design shop called Callum East Design. Together we made 6 custom outdoor tables, and 8 indoor tables for the new Jaxon Beer Garden in Downtown Dallas, Tx.

For the outdoor tables, we created 3 inch thick concrete table tops to sit on the black steel bases the Callum East built. Being that the restaurant is positioned in the middle of the city, the outdoor seating areas have become very popular. The designers have already ordered another 6 tables to be made.

For the indoor seating, we created 2 variations of tables. We did 5 high-top seating circular tables that are a combination of concrete and wood. Along with those we also created 2 inch thick concrete bench legs that held together the wood top that was build by Callum East for 3 long bench style tables.

The whole job went very smooth, and it was great to get to collaborate with other talented designers and craftsman like the guys over at Callum East Designs.


Project Type:

Custom Concrete Tables

Skills we brought to the job:

  • Being able to take a vision and create a finished product from it.


  • The ability to collaborate well with another company to pair out two elements together seamlessly.