Custom Concrete Outdoor Countertops

This was a large outdoor kitchen project out in a rural area in Celina, Texas. The client wanted a concrete countertops, but didn’t want a straight and perfect edge on the countertops. We discussed doing a
chiseled edge, but that wasn’t really what she wanted either. What the client really wanted was for the edge to look somewhat worn and old, but like it had been refinished. We came up with what we now call our weathered edge. It’s basically our straight edge that we purposely create imperfections that get filled and smoothed in the processing. The client loved it and we’ve done it several times since.

The big challenge was at install. Outdoor appliance manufactures are notorious about not being real accurate with their cut-out dimensions. As a result we now require the homeowner to have the appliances on-site when we template, but back when we did this job, we didn’t. Sure enough after we installed the countertops the client called and said the appliances didn’t fit. We generally don’t like to cut our concrete, as 16,000 PSI, rebar reinforced concrete isn’t real easy to cut. However, in this case we really didn’t have a choice. We went back out and trimmed the countertops to accommodate all the appliances, swept up all the dust, and the client is now enjoying a fabulous outdoor kitchen.

Project Type:

Outdoor kitchen with Integral Sink


This was a large outdoor kitchen with a lot of appliances and an integral sink.

Skills we brought to the job:

  • The ability to adapt when things don’t work the way they’re supposed to.
  • Listening to what the client wants.
  • The ability to think outside the box to create a look the client wants.