Custom Concrete Kitchen Countertops

The client bought an older home and the kitchen was seriously outdated. She wanted gray concrete countertops, but in talking to her it was obvious that she didn’t like the cabinets or flooring in the kitchen. We could have provided her a quote, got the job, installed our countertops and walked away, but that’s just not how we do business.

I knew the client wanted new concrete countertops, but I also knew it made more sense for her to address the floors and cabinets first. So, I suggested that she might want to consider having those issues
addressed prior to getting countertops and I offered to provide her some names of contractors I’d worked with in the past and knew did good work. Turns out this is exactly what she wanted, but just
didn’t really know where to start.

We kept in touch over the next couple of months while the other work was being done and when I came back, I immediately had concerns about the gray countertops we were intending to make. The cabinets
were ebony stained oak and the floors were wood look tile with a lot of grays and browns. This really changed the look of the room, giving it a much darker feel. I suggested that perhaps we should look at
the countertop colors again and see if we couldn’t go with a lighter color to brighten up the room. She ended up picking our Marble Look Concrete which is white concrete with subtle hints of gray throughout.

We took the time to listen to what the client really wanted and rather than make a quick sale, we helped her get the kitchen she wanted. She was happy she went with the white countertops, but a month later
we went back and made her a gray concrete table top for her dining room table.

Project Type:

Kitchen Countertops


The client did not like her current kitchen and thinks new countertops may make a difference

Skills we brought to the job:

  • Listening to what the client really wants, not just what they are asking for.
  • Our network of other reputable contractors in other trades
  • Patience
  • Color and Design expertise