Custom Concrete Fireplace Surrounds, Hearths, and Mantles

The client was building a new home in Celina, Texas and call us to do several areas of the home, one being the fireplace. When we went to template the fireplace was a blank wall with the firebox. The client said she wanted a floating slab hearth across the bottom and 12 inch surround enclosing the firebox. I questioned how the hearth would be supported and was told Damion would take care of it. I made sure they understood the weight we were talking about and was assured they would take care of it. I left wondering if this would turn into a nightmare install.

A few days later I receive a call from Damion Brooker wanting to discuss the fireplace. He seemed very knowledgeable and we worked through the issues with supporting the hearth. I just thought he was an
experienced carpenter, but it turns out he was much more. We proceeded with our work making the pieces and scheduled the install.

The install went fine. The supporting structure was strong and aligned perfectly, so our job was easy. I met Damion and he was telling me what he intended to do to finish out the fireplace. In addition, he and the client were telling me other things he was doing and I quickly realized he wasn’t necessarily a carpenter, but an artist with carpentry skills.

Luckily the client loved our work and thought of some additional thing she wanted us to do. This allowed us to come back a few weeks later and see the completed fireplace. As you can see in the photos, Damion is a truly talented guy. Turns out he does a lot more that carpentry type art. Check him out at

Project Type:

Fireplace Hearth and Surround


This was not particularly challenging other than the fact that we didn’t really know how we would install the hearth and had no idea how the end product would look.

Skills we brought to the job:

  • Listening to what the client really wants, not just what they are asking for.
  • Our network of other reputable contractors in other trades
  • Patience
  • Color and Design expertise