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Wood Look Concrete Countertops For Outdoor Kitchens

This job came to me through Justin McMillin of Richardson Residential. I do a lot of work with Justin and he sent his clients to me to discuss countertops for a new outdoor living space he was building for them. Vic and Cheri came out and met with our Justin (Justin Sorensen, Operations Manager for…
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Custom Wood Look concrete counterotops for a home in Gunter, Tx

Wood Look Concrete Countertops For Kitchens

This all started because of a sample we made about a year ago and put in our sample rack. We’d seen pictures of concrete countertops that looked like wood and wanted to see if we could make concrete that looked so close to actual wood, that it would fool the average person. We started experimenting…
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Overall shot of this custom kitchen project

Custom Concrete Kitchen Countertops

The client bought an older home and the kitchen was seriously outdated. She wanted gray concrete countertops, but in talking to her it was obvious that she didn’t like the cabinets or flooring in the kitchen. We could have provided her a quote, got the job, installed our countertops and walked away, but that’s just…
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Custom Commercial Concrete Countertops

This job was done in the summer of 2016. It was an office building in Irving, Texas that was going to become the headquarters for local company. When I bid the job, we were in the planning stages of building our new shop. We had been working in my garage since I started the business…
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Floating Grey Concrete Bathroom Sink

Custom Concrete Bathroom Sinks and Vanities

The client was building a new home in Bartonville, Texas. She wanted concrete countertops in the laundry room, bar area and a floating concrete sink in the powder room. The builder assured her he had experience making concrete countertops and could take care of these items in-house. The house is almost complete. The concrete countertops…
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Custom Concrete Fireplace Surrounds, Hearths, and Mantles

The client was building a new home in Celina, Texas and call us to do several areas of the home, one being the fireplace. When we went to template the fireplace was a blank wall with the firebox. The client said she wanted a floating slab hearth across the bottom and 12 inch surround enclosing…
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Custom Concrete Outdoor Countertops

This was a large outdoor kitchen project out in a rural area in Celina, Texas. The client wanted a concrete countertops, but didn’t want a straight and perfect edge on the countertops. We discussed doing achiseled edge, but that wasn’t really what she wanted either. What the client really wanted was for the edge to…
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Concrete Tables

Custom Concrete Tables

This job was a collaboration we did with a local furniture design shop called Callum East Design. Together we made 6 custom outdoor tables, and 8 indoor tables for the new Jaxon Beer Garden in Downtown Dallas, Tx. For the outdoor tables, we created 3 inch thick concrete table tops to sit on the black…
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Custom Marbled Concrete Countertops

These countertops for this rooftop outdoor kitchen are the very first of our true Marbled Concrete line. In the years prior, we had experimented with marble type designs in our concrete. We had some success, however it was still far from a true marble look. In June of 2019 we had a pool builder come…
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